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My top surgery journey

January 4, 2018




Top Surgery 2016
Ok so I finally had some time to sit down and write about my top surgery experience. 
First off I just want to say thank you to two great people who directed me to the hospital I chose..... @fcknfcksticks @bowiecat on Instagram. 

Without them I wouldn't of even known about this place, I would have been on this very slow long path to depression and I was nearly there. 
So for those of you who want to know here are the details as followed including prices to which I spent. You can do this all cheaper and I would even recommend paying to go to Bangkok than stay at home because the results are better, even if it costs the same, plus you get a great experience, to travel to Thailand.... Anyway my friends ...

The hospital I went to is Yanhee Intl, based in Bangkok Thailand. You can go online and literally email their live support chat and they will tell you everything you need to do. 



If not here is the direct email address to the guy I got to chat to from live chat BOOM .... Jerome dealt with me and all my enquirers. He told me everything I needed to send in and also was the one to confirm all my dates, Drs and appointments, schedules along with prices. 

You will fill out a new patient form online save it and send it along with a psychiatrist letter, mine was dated 2012 it's was really old and had information about a referral to a gender specialist, in the letter it did however state I had gender dysphoria. So this might be important to bare in mind when you get yours. I started my journey a very long time ago but shit hit the fan every step of the way I got to the point where I just didn't think it would even happen. Then you need to send in pictures of your chest, front, side and back. This helps them to assess the procedure they will quote you with, plus the cost. Once you send this off Jerome he will forward everything to your surgeon. Your information will be assessed and everything, then you'll be sent back with a price and procedure. This took a week. 


Online form: 

but he will send you one anyway so don't panic. 
My max quote was 11000 thai baht which is about: £2500 $3500
Here is my quoted price breakdown:



I paid in total £2500. Pills, food and psychiatrist fees and night stays were all included. You do pay admission fees and for your ID card separate.  

You pay on arrival at Yanhee as they quote you after your first appointment with the surgeon. You will get a translator who is really good not that you really need them, but it's helps. 
I booked my appointment for 6 months from the date I spoke to Jerome. Here is the itinerary I got given...



So what happens
On arrival: You get all your paper work sorted and confirmed. Blood pressure etc is taken and your current health check up done. You see 2 psychiatrists, they are not trying to catch you out but rather understand, so answer them honestly. Both will confer notes. You will see your surgeon who will look at your chest, show you some examples of previous operations with people having the similar chest size. You'll be shown to your room where you will hang out. You shower and get into robes. You will be given a test although it is not a test more guides for the psychiatrists to go by. They will give you a sleeping pill before bed ready for tomorrow. 


Day 2:

Appointment day where you get wheeled off to the operating theatre. You will shower again and change into new robes. You're pretty much asleep before anything happens. I was out like and light and woke up like I never missed a beat. Head to your room and stay there. You will come out in bandages and won't see your chest for another day at least before you can peek. The bandages feel heavy. 


Day 3:

Drain removal and discharge! With a stack of pills! I didn't take the heavy pain killers just one set for a week. I really wasn't in much pain or discomfort. You will have antibiotics, pain killers 2 sets and a strict list guide of when to take them. 
You will have to go back in a week after your surgery date. So usually in 4 days. They then remove all your bandages and check your progress. You are advise to wear your binder for at least another month, personally I think it's a good idea, I wore mine 24/7 for the first weeks by the second week I took it off a few days for bed. Then by the 4th I rarely had it on but wore a proper binder. 


What not to do for the first month. Eat spicy food, sweat, exercise or swim. Sweating was hard for me because Bangkok was really hot and I was there for 9 more days haha. 
After your last visit you are able to fly home. You are given a flight assistant letter if you find it difficult to move it recommends that the airport give you a wheelchair and assist you on boarding. 

After 1 month you can go to the gym, swim and I started to apply bio oil. 

My flights were about £350 from Sweden to Thailand and my accommodation for 3 weeks was about £400 including breakfast. You don't need accommodation  while you in hospital though depending on how much luggage you have. A guest is allowed to stay with you and they can order food of the menu (which is really nice) just tell the nurses when you want to order because they won't really ask the guest. Your food is brought to you at meal time and you are regularly checked up on and taken care of.

From the airport get a taxi to your place of stay. Tell the taxi driver to put on his meter don't let them give you a up front price because it will be extremely higher than what you should pay. We paid about £10. $15 Max. Take a taxi to the hospital it is better. From the airport you will pay 25thai baht for tolls x2. Tuk tuks are more expensive around the city but faster. I didn't pay more than 100thb per trip this is about £2.50. They will haggle you and sometimes you may miss an opportunity because they push to high. There are more so be prepared to say no if need be. ALWAYS TELL TAXI DRIVERS TO PUT ON THEIR METER. 


Food outside the hospital: The city is full of street food which is cheap and convenient if you like to do that. If not the MBK centre has everything you need!

This is a shopping mall (not so cheap for clothes or gifts there is another fashion mall which is cheaper or street sellers, but all In all you're saving some money) on the top floor is a cinema, games complex... Amazing you must visit.... Restaurants and cafes. On the left down an escalator is a food mall, get a top up card from the desk fill it up and go around and pick what you want, hand over your card, the individual stall take out payment. The food here is extremely cheap and they have a vegetarian stall. Put your card back and get any left cash at the end of the day. 

You can take a boat to MBK from some locations at just 8/10baht best way I say. Or Tuk Tuk is good and fast they are always outside zooming around. 


I will upload some pictures pre and post op in my next post! 


Email me for any more information.

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